IBM® Planning Analytics Features and Benefits

IBM® Planning Analytics is built to bring speed, agility, and foresight to your business

How Will Your Business Benefit?

IBM Planning Analytics automates manual, spreadsheet-based planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and analysis.

  • Get real-time insights
    • Forward-looking insights and report key metrics
    • Uncovers predictive insights automatically from your data
  • Enterprise-grade Business Intelligence
    • Dashboards, scorecards and analytics
    • Access live data from sources across your business
    • Integrate your financial plans and operational tactics
  • Dynamic planning
    • A self-service, interactive work space for all business users
  • Boost communication
    • Incorporate information into clear, dynamic visualisations
  • Conduct what-If analyses
    • Test business assumptions and possible scenarios
    • Instantly see financial impacts of potential actions
    • Synthesize information, infers trends and delivers insights
  • Enhance MS Excel
    • Leverage your business excel skills with full Excel capabilities
    • Retain the familiar Microsoft Excel interface where needed to accelerate adoption
  • Create flexible planning and analysis models
    • Rapid development and deployment of models without batch processing.
  • Fast deployment
    • Facilitate rapid on-cloud deployment quickly across the organisation

Key Planning Analytics Features

  • Predictive Insights: automatically uncovered
  • Customise your work space
  • Integrate Data from multiple sources such as Oracle, SAP and more
  • In-memory analytics
  • Enterprise wide-reporting with flexible, scalable deployment
  • IBM Cognos Business Intelligence built in

Flexible Deployment Options

Influential Software can ensure your business gets up to speed quickly with on-cloud, on-premise, or hybrid Planning Analytics solutions.


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