IBM® Planning Analytics Hybrid

Planning Analytics Hybrid solutions give your business control and flexibility. Your teams can tap into the many powerful planning capabilities via cloud-based platforms, but you can also choose to keep more sensitive data on-premise – it’s the best of both worlds.

Whatever your business needs, IBM® Planning Analytics Hybrid with Influential Software enables you to cherry-pick business forecasting, budgeting, and planning solutions to suit.

Why Consider a Hybrid Strategy?

  • Planning Analytics Hybrid can combine on-premise and on-cloud delivery
    • However your business works, we can tailor to match your business needs.
  • Change your install type as your business changes
    • Start on-cloud and, if your needs change, move to on-premise
    • Start on-premise and quickly add cloud functionality as and when required
  • Support is available in the short and long term

Why Choose Planning Analytics with Influential Software?

Influential Software are IBM® Silver Business Partners and have 25 years’ experience delivering enterprise software solutions, including projects for financial institutions and across the UK Government. If your business requires IBM Planning Analytics Hybrid, we can provide the ideal part or complete on-premise package: licences, installation, support, maintenance, and training.

Influential Software has extensive experience delivering IBM TM1 and IBM Planning Analytics on-premise. We have dedicated teams offering targeted IBM TM1 and Planning Analytics solutions including planning and consultation, installation, upgrade, and migration services to suit your needs. We also offer support, maintenance, and training options.

The Influential Software team is the complete on-premise Planning Analytics provider for all sectors and business sizes.

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